The crazy mom song!

Oh you’ll love this one, all you mothers out there! And if you ever have a mom as wonderful as her, you will thank her for the L-O-V-E. Or else…

Set to the “William Tell Overature” (lyrics by Anita Renfroe), with a live orchestra – the MOM SONG!


My mind is racing. After blogging about coupons, I have been thinking about “finances/money”.

I heard on the radio that James Dobson’s Focus on the Family laid off 20% of its workforce. Definitely due to the economic downturns, but I assume also because of lesser support from its donors (since FOF is a nonprofit that rely on giving friends).

And in another front, I read a post on how to survive these depressing times. Different writers and experts are telling me(you) a lot of confusing things. Should we put more money into the stock market? Should we hoard cash? Should we buy gold? (HA! Like I even have extra money to start with.)

In dark times like we are in now, there is no assurance that investing into the financial market will get you more money in the long term. There is no security in the banks, or in our investments anymore. It’s mindboggling that the whole foundation of the world’s financial structure rests on “speculations” and fear. Where there is fear of collapse, there shall surely be one. Whoever conceived of the stock market has it so wrong!

How can we survive the recession? Here’s something radical to consider – GIVE AWAY.

Give more. Give beyond your capacity. Give to the Kingdom. This is the only secret to having a secure future.

It’s been proven since time began, that when one gives, the blessings come back beyond measure. If you think your 401K and stocks will get you through to your old age, well how’s this? If you give to God, he will reward you beyond your lifetime. And your children beyond them.

See, God is the one who supplies our every need anyway. He’s the Source of all blessing. He controls the floodgates, and when he opens it, you can be sure the blessings from heaven will be a torrential rain. Oh no, don’t expect just a shower, or “beggar’s food”. It’s a flood. It’s a bountiful harvest. It’s like fishnets ripping open.

But what is asked of us? GIVE. Your whole tithe, your generous gifts, your offerings of thanksgiving. Oy, don’t be stingy! Don’t be worried. Don’t be counting either. Just. GIVE.

And then you’ll have more, and there will not be enough room for it, so says the Lord.


“Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.” (2 Corinthians 9:10-11)

The lack of finances was one of my fears when I resigned from my regular day job, and decided to stay home. Blogging does not pay my worth full time. But it affords me the time to be with the children and raise them up the way we envisioned God to want us.

Still there is the lack of finances. And yet God, as faithful as He is, tells me not to worry for He provides. And God, as humorous as He is with me, led me to discover coupons.

Yeah, you’re smiling… But coupons are God’s provisions. Just last week, I cut my grocery bills by 40% by shopping with coupons and sales from the local supermarkets. I ran out of dishwasher detergent and went to BJs to buy Bounty papertowels with coupons, then got a big bottle of Cascade for free. I buy myself really good make-up for less than a $1. (Mind you, they’re not from the Dollar Stores). And on good days, they’re more than free. I earn $1-2 on each buy. Tonight, I’m off to Superfresh to get my free $10 worth of meat. Plus, the store is having a meat sale so that small amount of money will stretch us a few days worth of food. 

I could show you my grocery bills and tell you that since I discovered the skill of couponing, I have saved us a lot. I really know it is God’s hand at work. And it’s beautiful.

What does God show you to help you save?

Man, this group is bad!

The Philippine All Stars won the 2008 World Hip Hop Dance Competition, wowing judges MC Hammer and Shane Sparks, in Las Vegas this week. The group wore the iconic sun and stars of the Philippine flag during the competition, and you can hear them shouting “Filipino! Filipino!” 

But winning is not everything.

Video courtesy of: Lasvegasweekly.com

It’s giving glory to the One they dance for.

Yup, these are teenagers, seriously dancing hip hop, and totally serving their God through dance. Check out their pastor’s message –

He tells them to be pure and holy in the middle of being world champions. I like his analogy of King Arthur getting the sword out of the anvil. He says it’s not about getting the sword at all, but what you do with the sword after you wield it. Fearlessly, the pastor even corrects a young man about the stuff that comes out of his mouth “from the abundance of his heart.”

They’re making a documentary titled “His-Story” that chronicles the group as they “continue to inspire and uplift other artists around the globe and represent His Story to the fullest”.

This group is amazing! To see teenagers using hip-hop to witness for the Lord. The song is “We Are the Reason”. Their version is in Korean, but here are the lyrics in English. As little children we would dream of Christmas morn Of all the gifts and toys we knew we’d find But we never realized a baby born one blessed night Gave us the greatest gift of our lives *We were the reason that He gave His life We were the reason that He suffered and died To a world that was lost He gave all He could give To show us the reason to live As the years went by we learned more about gifts The giving of ourselves and what that means On a dark and cloudy day a man hung crying in the rain All because of love All because of love *Chorus I finally found the reason for living It’s in giving every part of my heart to Him (every part to Him) And all that I do every word that I say (you know I’ll be saying) I’ll be giving my all just for Him, for Him (every thing for Him) We are the reason that He gave His life We are the reason that He suffered and died To a world that was lost He gave all He could give (all that he could give all) To show us the reason to live #He is the reason to live (don’t you know do you know the reason that he came, oh he came to save us when he gave his life for us) he suffered and died To a world that was lost He gave everything (everything that He had He gave) To show us the reason to live


Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance!

I see passion in these Korean youth… Now that’s what hip-hop should be, for the Lord.


Thanks, Conch…

F-R-E-E to be FREE

Thanks to Irwin, we found this.


A very simple message, huh, but according to Irwin, that’s what he learned when he encountered God.

(Irwin is one of our young people… there is a lot to be said when a teenager encounters the Living God. His life is changed. Forever.)