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Man, this group is bad!

The Philippine All Stars won the 2008 World Hip Hop Dance Competition, wowing judges MC Hammer and Shane Sparks, in Las Vegas this week. The group wore the iconic sun and stars of the Philippine flag during the competition, and you can hear them shouting “Filipino! Filipino!” 

But winning is not everything.

Video courtesy of: Lasvegasweekly.com

It’s giving glory to the One they dance for.

Yup, these are teenagers, seriously dancing hip hop, and totally serving their God through dance. Check out their pastor’s message –

He tells them to be pure and holy in the middle of being world champions. I like his analogy of King Arthur getting the sword out of the anvil. He says it’s not about getting the sword at all, but what you do with the sword after you wield it. Fearlessly, the pastor even corrects a young man about the stuff that comes out of his mouth “from the abundance of his heart.”

They’re making a documentary titled “His-Story” that chronicles the group as they “continue to inspire and uplift other artists around the globe and represent His Story to the fullest”.


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