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beach One of the best childhood memories I have is our times at the beach with our family. Our parents always scheduled family outings on a weekly basis. I remember some choices we had like going out to play in the park as the city band played nearby, dining in the Chinese restaurant, taking trips to the ancestral home of our Tatay’s side of the family in Villaba and of course, taking a whole Saturday to frolic in the sea. Tatay believed that the saltwater and sea breeze brought healing to our colds and cough, with the sun raising our serotonin level. Sunset, to us, means time to pack up, after gathering a few shells and flatstones to last a month’s game of “biko-biko”.

We cannot understand why we get healed after a day’s time of splashing and swimming in the sea. You will never believe, if you haven’t tried it yourself. The beauty that we marveled as the sea receded to a low tide at dusk was marvelous as we wade one last time to bade good-bye, to the majestic beauty of Ormoc Bay.

God’s love and its promises are as real as the ocean. But like describing the sea, it’s magnificent beauty cannot be seen until you actually experience it. As Billy Graham wrote about God’s love in his book, Peace With God:

“Until you actually experience it, until you actually posses true peace with God, no one can describe its wonders to you.



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